Just because you feel tired, doesn’t mean you have to look tired ! The combination of movements performed with Gua Sha stones and our Immortelle Reset face & eye contour serums, both infused with Immortelle Essential Oil extracts, come together to work on dull complexion and accumulated signs of fatigue. An expert face treatment that will help you reach a rested complexion and an opened-up eye contour.


Reset the skin thanks to the two emblematic & hero products formula : Immortelle Reset Eye Serum & Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum.

Reset the mind with a comprehensive massage to deeply relax and unwind.


Get a transversal approach personalized according to your skin needs.


All skin types & ages who want to fight against skin fatigue, dull complexion, fine lines, dry skin & under eye bags.

Focus on the Immortelle Reset Eye Serum

Get the power of 1600 immortelle bubbles, from the flower that never fades:

- Appearance of eye bags reduced by 20% after 30min*
- Complexion radiance around the eye improved by 23% after 30min**
- Global wrinkles visibility on the face improved by 12% after 1 hour***

*Clinical scoring on 27 volunteers
** Clinical scoring on 52 volunteers
*** Image analysis on 34 volunteers

An innovative technique : Gua Sha stones

An ideal combination to decongest, revitalise and smooth the facial features thanks to the use of Gua Sha and our Reset range.

The physical and psychic virtues of Gua Sha :
- Promotes drainage
- Decongests
- Boost skin radiance
- Smoothing effects
- Relieves muscular tension
- Dispels stagnant energies