“In L’OCCITANE’s Spas, simply close your eyes to travel to the lands of Provence, a sunny soil that never stops inventing beauty.”
Olivier Baussan - Founder of L'OCCITANE

A Natural Extension of the L’Occitane Brand


L’OCCITANE invites guests to a Provencal retreat, to experience the brand through a sensorial holistic journey.
Inspired by the Mediterranean art-de-vivre, L’OCCITANE Spa combines authentic ingredients from Provence,
with certified origin and proven effectiveness, with the best of traditional massage therapies from all around the world.
Fused in exclusive sequences, all hand-performed, they offer guests a true well-being escape to the sunny soils of the South of France.

Our Spa Expertise

Provencal well-being to uplift your senses

The sense of touch is the heart of our philosophy. Without any machine and technology, therapists perform treatments with their hands and expertise in protocols, the touches will bring you a sensorial experience.

Inspired by the techniques and traditions from all over the world, our Spa experts created the massage sequences that have become the signature of Spa L’OCCITANE.

These exclusives sequences strengthen the efficacy of patented active ingredients and formulas. 

Our Spa Tips


L’OCCITANE Spa team reveals their best kept secrets to feel rejuvenated and balance.