Reconnecting humans with themselves and with nature

Authentically and with purpose - that’s what we do within our spas.   
We cultivate the art of well-being; the art of living made in Provence. 

We cultivate the art of
well-being; inspired by the Provencal art of living, warm and comforting.

We believe that if it’s good for nature, it’s good for you

We are passionate about loving our natural environment and revealing its wonders to

Taking a break with us is a promise of a personalized journey to make you feel revitalized, balanced, and inspired.

Breathe. Soak it in

Our treatments and rituals creations are inspired by our formulations naturality
and our ingredients sensory to leave you with a recharged and rested feeling,
providing space for personal renewal.

Spa L’OCCITANE lifestyle treatments were carefully crafted to offer true benefits
on Sleep quality and overall Well-Being, with direct effect on holistic Beauty.

Indulge yourself

Your experience will be crafted to customize several physical, emotional, and
holistic aspects of well-being to help you feel your best and unwind your mind.

Relax deeply, let us invite you to Provence.

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