Blending tradition, heritage
and innovation, our Signature Treatments are the reflection of our expertise.

Our Signature Body and
Face Treatments are built around four pillars of holistic well-being:

- Beauty

- Regeneration

- Balance

- Detox

To measure and highlight
the benefits on sleep improvement and holistic well-being, our best-selling
Signature Treatments have been tested and approved by L'OCCITANE laboratories
as well as recognised research institutes.


The face and body treatments of the Beauty pillar consist of holistic rituals dedicated to well-being. Through their nourishing, firming, and invigorating actions, they reveal the skin’s natural radiance and contribute to inner beauty.


Rest is an essential source of well-being and is at the heart of the Regeneration pillar treatments. Thanks to their benefits on sleep quality and vitality, these body treatments cultivate well-being. They provide an opportunity to recharge while benefiting from an energy boost. 


The Balance pillar body treatments foster to inner harmony. By promoting relaxation of the body and mind, they contribute to regaining serenity. Designed as immersive experiences, they gently awaken the senses.


The Detox pillar body treatments contribute to eliminating toxins in a serene atmosphere. By activating blood circulation and facilitating drainage, these treatments provide a sense of lightness and overall well-being.

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