Our Made to Measure Treatments
offer a personalized experience to meet every needs.


Like a sensory journey in Provence, they awaken the senses, the promise of a relaxing moment in the hands of our experts.

Made to Measure Facial

Expert. A targeted facial treatment with multiple massage options available. Using products and facial techniques tailored to the skin's mood, our experts adapt to provide a moment of relaxation all to oneself.


Made to Measure Body Massage

Sensory. A choice from a selection of body massage techniques that favour all five senses. Paired with Relaxing or Energizing massage oils, enriched with Almond or Shea butter, this wellbeing interlude
delights the senses.

Made to Measure Face & Body Treatment

Complete. A combination of a targeted facial treatment and a sensory body massage for a wellbeing interlude that meets every need as well as promotes harmony between the face, body, and senses.

Complementary Treatments

Escape. Our short and targeted complementary treatments enhance and reinforce the effects of the made to measure treatment, treating oneself to a timeless moment.

Because each person is unique, so are our treatments.

1 – Choose your duration

2 – Choose your needs

3– Add complementary treatments

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